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  1. Jun 08,  · Tempering chocolate is an essential step for making smooth, glossy, evenly colored coating for your dipped chocolates. Tempering prevents the dull grayish color and waxy texture that happens when the cocoa fat separates out. Tempered chocolate produces a crisp, satisfying snap when you .
  2. May 09,  · Tempering involves heating the metal to a precise temperature below the critical point, and is often done in air, vacuum or inert atmospheres. The temperature is adjusted depending on the amount of hardness that needs to be reduced.
  3. The tempering of tools is a very important factor in their efficiency. The furnace should be connected with pyrometers and tempering tank with a thermometer. The process of tempering the gun-tubes was also witnessed by the Board. He looked upon his duty as that of .
  4. The Tempering is a young adult novel by the American writer Gloria Skurzynski set in in the fictional mill town of Canaan (a parallel to the author's hometown of Duquesne, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh on the Monongahela River).Author: Gloria Skurzynski.
  5. Temperingis a process done subsequent to quench hardening. Quench-hardened parts are often too brittle. This brittleness is caused by a predominance of Martensite. This .
  6. Other articles where Tempering is discussed: frozen prepared food: Slicing and dicing: Tempering involves warming the frozen meats to temperatures slightly below their freezing point—for example, between -4° and -1° C (25° and 30° F). Tempering of frozen foods is often carried out in industrial-scale microwave ovens.
  7. Tempered definition is - treated by tempering; especially, of glass: treated so as to impart increased strength and the property of shattering into pellets when broken. How to use tempered in a sentence.

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